LC-3 Tools for Automatic Feedback

Here you can find links to the various LC-3 tools (currently for 2nd edition) developed to enhance the student experience at ZJUI and UIUC.

The VSCode extension is easy to find in the marketplace, but you can also find it here.

For those who want to try KLC3 without (or before) doing a full-blown installation, we encourage you to try our Docker (liuzikai/klc3:latest). Some guidelines and examples can be found here. That link also include some pointers to the live versions of each tool, in case you want to follow the development. You may also want to read the user manual to get a feeling for KLC3's capabilities.

Sources for the LC-3 simulator, including support for reverse execution, can be found here.

The LC-3 webtool is available for use here.

A complete package at the time of the ASE2021 publication is available from the replication package page.