ECE/CS 508: Manycore Parallel Algorithms
Fall 2021


Course Information

Staff and Office Hours

Prof. Steve Lumetta (lumetta) Tu 1:30-3:30 p.m. Daily Byte (ECEB)


Assignments will be distributed using Git. The repo is here here. You may need to merge changes if I make modifications to the assignments, so be sure that you are familiar with Git. The ProGit book is a decent introduction.

An introduction to using RAI can be found here.

Your labs will be automatically recorded when you submit to RAI, so just be sure that you have passed all of the tests before the deadline for each lab.

Final Exam

UIUC assigns final exam times based on class times, so you can know your exam times when you sign up for classes.

Those in class on the first day strongly preferred a take-home exam, and having it during finals week was more popular than having it before the end of the semester. After people have settled into their final class schedules (usually about the third or fourth week), I'll try to do another informal poll including those not coming to the lecture room to make the final decision.

Final Exam Wednesday 15 December 08:00 - 11:00 a.m. location TBD

Lecture Notes and Overviews

I'll try to have a tentative version of slides available in advance, but am likely to edit the version actually used until just before the lecture (and will post it afterward).

Lecture recordings are available after the class as a MediaSpace channel (once MediaSpace has finished processing them). Live streaming will not be supported.

Papers Mentioned During Lecture

I said in lecture that I'd add the other papers mentioned in L5, but looking again at the list below, I remembered that I made a conscious decision not to include papers that were relevant to a particular comment, but not really to the course in general (such as J.P. Singh's and my own papers in that set of slides). You won't have any trouble finding them, if you want to read them. But the ones below are things that you should at least consider reading to broaden your GPU and HPC background knowledge.