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ECE120 Notes for Students, Fall 2016 release

Online Exercises

These tools have been designed to help you master some of the skills that we hope to teach you in ECE120. They are written in Javascript and thus can execute in a variety of browsers, including Chrome on Android devices.

Each tool focuses on a particular set of skills, and most of the tools create problems randomly, allow you to solve them, and allow you to check your answers with quick feedback.

A little more detail on testing: The tools have been tested reasonably thoroughly on Chrome on both my laptop and on a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android). I developed mostly on Firefox, so that's well-tested, too. I did run them all on IE, too. (I also used Chrome on a Samsung Galaxy S5.) They do not work on the default Samsung mobile browser. Apple ... not so well. Feel free to lend me yours for a bit and I'll debug.

Exercises for Part 1

The truth table exercises also have a couple of extra parts for students who want to get ready for part 2 of the class (K-maps and so forth).

Exercises for Part 2

Lecture Slides

These are the slides that I plan to use in lecture. I'm still writing them, so I will put them up as I finish doing so. They are organized by topic, not by date. Some topics may be skipped in lecture in the interest of time.

Recorded Lectures

Examples of C Code

Here are five examples programs that we will examine in class to help you learn how C works. I will have copies of this handout made for you to use in class, but if you want to download and try the programs, they are also here.

For more experience with reading and understanding C code, try the online tool linked at the top of this page. For more experience writing C code ... stay tuned, we'll announce something around Labor Day (5 Sept 2016).

Examples of LC-3 Code

Here are examples of LC-3 code that we shall develop in class. I will also try to track down copies of flow charts and other niceties for these codes. They are all included in this old ECE190 student manual.

I/O in C*

Since many of you seem to be interested in understanding how to manage I/O more elegantly, I am going to add these old notes to our page. Please be aware that our class will not require this material in any way nor even explain most of the background material necessary to understand it!. That said, here are some Notes on I/O in C

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